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Direct-stroke Electric Actuator

Intelligent direct-stroke electric actuator, which has independent intellectual property rights, high efficiency, energy saving, high precision, high anti-interference and so on, is a kind of electric actuator. The electric actuator adopts DC drive, electronic limit and efficient self-locking mechanical transmission to ensure the stability and reliability of the electric actuator. The electric actuator is suitable for the electric devices of globe valves, control valves and other valves. The product can change the motor steering by using vector frequency conversion control, fuzzy control, adaptive control and other technologies. It can also precisely control the motor and completely replace the imported actuator. It can be divided into conventional type and explosion-proof type. Actuators can be extended to direct and angular travel. They are not only used in power plants, but also widely used in petrochemical, refining, light industry, pharmaceutical, water supply, sewage treatment and other industries.

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