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    Alpha flow control (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Consulting services for the company's customers, agents, dealers, end-users to provide in-depth expert advice. We provide consulting services to assist in evaluating, measuring and minimizing the incorrect impact of products in practical applications; To the company's customers, agents, dealers, end users to provide product design, selection, production, installation, commissioning and other advisory services.

    Our China advisory services team is part of the China network, so we have extensive experience in advising on complex cross-border projects at the local level and can provide you with a wide range of industry expertise that is rarely matched. We can leverage the expertise within the team and fully mobilize resources in other areas to help you successfully implement a solution, however complex it may be.

    Our extensive skills are just the starting point. We combine these skills to develop comprehensive solutions based on a full understanding of your ambitions, business, and competitive environment. We believe that such a comprehensive solution can win significant business competitive advantages for alpha's customers.