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Single Acting Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Three-way Ball Valve

Detailed Product Description

MOV: DI         Air Consumption: 28L

Weight: 550KGS Piston: Steel

O-Ring: PTFE Body:       CF8/CF3M

Reliable, Long Lasting Performance Pneumatic Cylinder Operator Single Acting Scotch Yoke Pneumatic Actuator

Alpha designs and manufactures motorized valves, pneumatic valves and Hydraulic operated valves in three valve series.

► Description

This is a Double Acting Cylinder intended for pneumatic service.

►Air Supply

Maximum cylinder supply pressure is 100 psi (689 kPa). For maximum cylinder life, the air should be filtered and dry.

► Lubrication

If the cylinder is disassembled, lubricate the cylinder wall, piston seal, O-ring and O-ring groove using one of these lubricants. 

► Adjustment

The set screw in the end of the cylinder is used to limit the stroke of the cylinder. Adjust the set screw so the piston rod contacts it when the valve is in the closed position. Lock the set screw in place with the nut. Be sure the thread seal is positioned properly.

► Parts

1      Relieve the pressure in the pipeline and close the valve.

2 Shut off the air supply to the cylinder.

3 Relieve the pressure in the cylinder.

4 Disconnect the cylinder tubing.

5 Remove the nuts and washers from the tie rods and remove the cylinder cap.

6 Remove the O-ring from the cylinder cap.

7 Remove the cylinder tube, rotating it while pulling it off the piston.

8 Remove the nut on the piston rod and remove the piston.

9 Remove the piston seal and its O-ring. Clean the O-ring, seal and groove.

10 Remove the extension cap from the other end of the housing.



• Servicing the actuator while the pipeline is under pressure can cause personal injury or equipment damage. Relieve pipeline pressure before servicing the actuator.

• Accidental operation of power actuator can cause personal injury or equipment damage. Disconnect and lock out power to actuator before servicing.

► Disassembly  

1 Eccentric Valves: Remove the nuts and spring washers from the rack rod. All other valves:            Remove the jam nuts from the rack rod.

2 Pull the piston rod (complete with rack rod) from the cylinder head.

3 Take out the four screws and separate the cylinder head from the actuator housing.

4 Remove the rod seal and O-ring from the cylinder head.

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